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Image by Henning Witzel

Implemented projects


Boroo Gold LLC

In 2021, a new fiber optic cable was laid, installed and serviced at the Boroo Gold mine site in Bayangol sum area of Selenge province.


Tsu-Erdene Hospital

In the TSU-ERDENE hospital, a total of 12 points have been installed with the Hikvision integrated surveillance camera system.

stepp gold.png

Steppe Gold LLC

In 2022, fiber optic cable installation work was completed from the Tsagaan-Owoo sum center of Dornod province to the water supply of Steppe Gold LLC camp.

Мэдээлэл холбооны сүлжээ

NetCom Mongolia

In 2022, 45-meter tower assembly and installation work was completed in the center of Hovd and Uvs provinces.

Ньюком Проперти ХХК

NC Property

In 2022, outside the service and warehouse building of Mobicom Networks LLC, which is being built in the 8th district of Khan-Uul district, the communication well and canalization work was completed.


Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry of Mongolia

In 2023, fiber optic cables and well channelization of production and technology park in Shine Khovd were completed.

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