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The future-proof communications infrastructure that provides the highest capacity, speed, and broadband data transmission is fiber optic cable.

Fiber optic cables are widely used in a variety of data networks, including telecommunications and Internet core infrastructure, data centers, cable television, and local area networks (LANs).

The installation will be carried out in accordance with the following


Mongolian standards. It includes:

• MNS 5207:2023 Fiber optic cable installation. Technical requirements
MNS 6597:2021 General requirements for the installation of communication cables crossing roads, railways and bridge structures
• MNS 5278:2012 General requirements for splicing and splicing fiber optic cables

Installation of communication well channeling infrastructure

In accordance with the general plan of the urban area, the infrastructure of communication wells and canalization has been built, and along with the expansion and development of the settlements, new wells and canalization lines are being made and expanded.


Our company carries out the infrastructure work of the main well channelization in a comprehensive manner.

Micro-Trenching installation

Micro-trenching involves creating a narrow and shallow trench using specialized equipment, typically with a width of a few centimeters. The fiber optic cables are then placed within the trench, and it is sealed with appropriate materials. Micro-trenching is commonly used in urban areas where space is limited, and the impact on existing infrastructure is minimized.

Underground installation

In-service damage is relatively low and cost-effective compared to other cable installation methods. When installing fiber optic cables in the ground, we use specially designed outer armored sheathed cables and follow MNS 6597:2016, MNS 5207:2016, and MNS 5278:2003 standards.

Aerial installation

When installing the aerial cable, it is fixed and installed between the communication pole and the building. Aerial fiber optic cables will be conventional and special purpose, and special purpose cables will be installed using high voltage and lighting poles.

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