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An aspiration /suction line/ system is a system that uses ABS and PVC pipes to analyze ambient air and detect smoke and gas very early. It has the highest sensitivity compared to other types of fire alarm systems. By choosing this system, you can fully protect your life and property by taking measures in the shortest possible time in case of fire.


Aspiration systems can be installed in all industries, but installation in data centers, museums, production  rooms, subway tunnels, parking lots, cold storage, etc.

We offer you Honeywell Xtralis Vesda aspiration smoke detection system. Your valuables will be safe.

More than 70% of all installed aspiration systems in the world are made by Vesda brand of Honeywell Xtralis company.

vesda galiin dohiolol.png


  • Detect the beginning of the fire

  • UL, ULC, ActivFire, CE, CCC, VdS, FM, LPCB, VNIIPO, NF, EN 54-20, ISO 7240-20 UL compliant

  • Can be controlled by software via independent network connection

  • Can be connected to addressable fire alarm system and act as smoke detector

  • It covers an area of up to 6500 m/sq

  • Connect four separate suction hose lines

  • Smoke is detected with an accuracy of 0.001% obs/m

  • 4 levels of fire danger can be set

  • Store up to 20000 stories

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