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Our proposed Control 4 smart automation system will fully automate your home with the most modern technological solutions, and you can control your electronic devices in 6 ways according to your lifestyle.

  • Switch control

  • Smart scene

  • Timing control

  • Curtain control

  • Dimming & tunable WH

  • Constant illumination control

  • Independent control

  • Infrared dynamic monitoring

  • Central equipment

  • Control switch

  • Smart lighting

  • Smart curtain

  • Induction device


We offer you professional automation consulting, design and installation services tailored just for your organization's needs.

  • Air conditioning system

  • Lighting system

  • Curtain control

  • State control

  • Service center

  • Maintenance management 

  • Intelligent controlling


Hotel and resort customers will experience a high level of comfort by integrating light, curtain, temperature and audio-visual systems into one easy-to-use system. Automation can be implemented in new buildings, renovations, or even old buildings. Because it is possible to make an integrated system, it is possible to turn a building into a fully automated modern building, not even a single room.

  • Smart lighting

  • Power saving

  • Smart curtains

  • Smart switch

  • Manage electrical appliances

  • Smart lock

  • Smart thermostat

  • Water leakage sensor

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