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Fiber optic Microduct ducting system


In 2016, we introduced the widely used Microduct fiber optic cable ducting system in 2016, and in 2017, the technology and installation standards for using it were MNS 6589:2016 General requirements for the installation of fiber optic ducts in fixed communications networks in the telecommunications industry of Mongolia. officially approved.

The system is installed in the 144-unit high-class Casa Da Vinci house campus project implemented by NCD Group LLC, and is used for Triple Services, Integrated Intranet, and Security applications.

Advantages of micropipe channeling system

Micropipe canalization is very suitable for the expansion of the main network of urban areas, the construction of newly built public and private residential areas, and the construction of urban communication infrastructure, and it has the following advantages:

  1. Less expensive than traditional federal well channeling technology

  2. Micro-cables are installed by blowing them with a gas compressor, so they require less time and less man/hours than traditional methods

  3. The conduit pipe is flexible, so there is no need to make wells on the turns

  4. It is environmentally friendly as it requires less earthwork

A type of cable installed in micro pipe ducting


There are 2 types of cables installed with micro-tubes: ABF air blown fiber /Microfiber/ and ABC air blown cable /Microcable/ depending on the number of strands, outer coating and purpose.
ABF has 1 to 12 cores, single thin sheath, and is installed by gas blowing under pressure in microtubing.
ABC is a 12-288 core double-sheathed, microtubular, otherwise push-fit or pressure-blown gas-inflated installation. The outer diameter of the cable is from 4 to 14 mm.

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