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Gone are the days when parking solutions were only envisioned by barriers, and now there are a variety of systems that meet your needs and requirements, and are becoming more and more precise. Our company presents the following parking solutions.

Remote reader

The easiest and simplest solution is a RFID card/sticker entry system with a remote reader. Fewer vehicles in your residential campus or office will provide easy access to that parking lot. Also, regardless of the size of the object, the number of doors, and the number of users, it is possible to plan and manage public pedestrian doors, car barriers, and elevator management in a unified system.


License plate registration system

The advantage of the license plate registration system is that it does not require any additional equipment for your vehicle. All types of vehicles have free access and accurate entry and exit times are displayed, making them ideal for public spaces and paid parking solutions. It is possible to generate numerical data, statistics, and search by number.

Entrance and Exit Management


This system has many advantages, such as controlling the parking lot according to the layout plan of the parking lot, showing the driver where there are empty parking spaces with traffic lights, routing to vacant parking spaces, and fully integrating with the payment and tax systems.

The system software is easy to use, and it is possible to create a black list of vehicles that will not be allowed to enter the parking lot, a white list of important users' vehicles, and filter the registrations by license plate number. 

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