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A traditional fire alarm system consists of several zones. There will be several sensors in a zone, and if one sensor sends a signal, the technician has to find the room where the fire started. In case of a fire in the building, the area where the fire is active is reported by the area/floor.  The information of the sound alarm on the floor where the fire occurred can be used to move the people on that floor to a safe place and extinguish the fire.


A traditional fire alarm system is a more suitable solution for installation in small buildings.

It is cheaper and easier to organize the solution than other systems.

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  • Installation is simple and easy

  • Support traditional sensors from other brands

  • Optionally, a burglar alarm motion sensor can be installed

  • Reads SIM card of 3G and 4G networks /sends calls and messages to your number when fire and theft alarm is detected/

  • It can be controlled from a computer or mobile phone by connecting to the Internet

  • Supports landline PSTN network

  • It has a relay output for connecting to other building systems

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