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An addressable fire alarm system is a system in which the sensors receive a numbered address on themselves and accurately report the location of the fire. By choosing this system, you can take immediate action in the event of a fire hazard and fully protect your life and property from risk. It will also work together with other building systems (elevator, air exchange system, access system, fire sprinkler system, announcement system, etc.). It intelligently checks the signal reception conditions of nearby sensors in the area, which greatly reduces false calls.




Honeywell Notifier offers addressable fire system solutions for large-scale projects and buildings.

We organize and propose solutions suitable for your building design and execute them at a high level of professionalism.

We use cables that are fire-resistant and fully meet the requirements of international standards for our fire alarm systems.


  • Meets CCC, KFI standards

  • Customize the control panel module for your application

  • A maximum of 32 control panels can be controlled together

  • Determine the exact point of fire

  • Online and offline mode with integrated management software

  • Save and print 4000 events (event history).

  • It has an intelligent logic function to reduce false alarms

  • Additionally, it integrates with other building systems

  • Data transmission speed is higher and more reliable

  • All types of traditional sensors can be connected

  • Automatic and manual settings are available

  • Sensor damage and contamination can be detected remotely, making your work easie

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