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If you are worried about the risks of fire, water, and theft that may occur in your summer house or other residential and commercial buildings, you can choose the most suitable solution from the following solutions and find out about the case in the easiest and most cost-effective way with your mobile phone. Internet is not required, GSM 2G network is enough.

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Wireless system

Easy to install in areas that have already been plastered and cannot be re-assembled. The battery can work continuously for 24 months.

Send a notification when the battery is low. Network types are TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, GSM, SMS, Mobile app (up to 5 users can send information at the same time).

Wired system


Installation prior to interior decoration will not affect the interior of your facility. It is necessary to have constant nutrition. Automatically switches to backup power when power is lost. Network types are PSTN, TCP/IP, Wi-Fi GSM, SMS, Mobile App  (5 users can deliver data at the same time). 


Perimeter security


Do you need a potential risk prevention system for your home, warehouse, factory, service or special needs? 

A perimeter security solution is ideal if surveillance cameras are not suitable for permanent unmanned situations and are expensive. The solution is not only compact enough to be unnoticed by people, but it also detects people and other objects by physical characteristics, so false alarms are less common. 

For the details of the above systems, contact our sales consultants, consult with engineers, and choose the most suitable version for you.

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