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Audio Entertainment


Experience the magic of music by listening to your favorite songs in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and every corner of your home.

A simple-to-use smartphone app allows you to choose from your audio library and adjust sound settings.

When used in conjunction with the Control4 home automation system, you can control all possible versions of home audio and video systems with a single control. You can listen to your favorite songs only in your room or you can listen to the same song loudly in all rooms.


JBL - Soundbar

We are the official dealer in Mongolia of the JBL company, known worldwide for its home and office speaker products, and we offer you the JBL 4K 5.1 series compact, high-quality home theater soundbar speaker.

The soundbar has a set of 5 speakers in the center, right and left sides of the main face, left and right rear of the surround sound, and 1 low-frequency wireless subwoofer speaker. The 2 side speakers for surround sound work wirelessly without being separated from the body and have a 10-hour battery life, so you don't have to worry about interruptions in your entertainment.

JBL - Stage speakers

Another home theater speaker option we recommend is the JBL Stage series. All sound channels of these speakers are separate for more professional use and are suitable for relatively large rooms. It is a product of JBL quality, with a very beautiful wooden finish. With these speakers, we offer you a personal cinema installation from 5.1 – 13.2.


Triad Speakers


Triad brand offers speakers for home multi-room and cinema solutions.

Handcrafted speakers and subwoofers create sound wonders.

Can be installed on exposed or hidden walls and ceilings.

triad hemjee zasaw.png

Episode Speakers


With a sleek design, the Episode speakers exude quality and affordability. Also There are types such as Soundbar, Sub-woofer, outdoor and hidden.

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