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Are you afraid that the security and comfort of the residents will be lost due to the old traditional analog system in your apartment building or housing complex, and that your child will open the door to a stranger when you are away? 


We offer IP intercom system to solve the above problems. With 7 and 10-inch IP video screens, you can open the entrance door, view images of guests, and monitor your favorite cameras from home by connecting to the surveillance camera system installed in the campus.


Allowing residents or employees to see, talk to, or decide whether or not outside visitors enter the building not only provides a security advantage, but also allows users to talk to each other through the intercom screen.


Solutions for single home

The doorbell can be connected to two or more screens at the same time and can be opened by one of the control screens. You can connect your home screen to fire, burglar alarms, fire and smoke detectors and manage your home security in one place. By connecting to your smartphone, you can communicate with your guests even when you are not at home.

Solution for an apartment


It is a complex housing solution that can connect 100-1500 households and control internal and external doors and digital locks by connecting them to the integrated door call system. It is possible to create a large integrated monitoring system by integrating the monitoring systems by directly connecting with the home security monitor and calling the elevator from home.

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