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Control4 wall and portable tablets are designed to work seamlessly with your system for the long haul. In addition to managing your system in a comprehensive way, the intercom doubles as an intercom screen. Can also be used as a digital photo frame when in vacation mode. It is also possible to manage the system with any other IOS and Android tablets.  


Smart phones


You can install the Control4 application on any mobile phone with iOS and Android operating systems to manage your system in a comprehensive manner.


Smart switches

You can customize the control functions on the buttons of this smart switch to suit the regular control needs and style of your life or office.

Engraved keys, multi-color LED backlighting, and light sensors make keys stand out in the dark. You can choose from many colors and models to match the interior.  


Universal Controller - NEEO


There is no need to use multiple separate controls (for example: TV, triple service box, curtains, fireplace, air conditioner, blu-ray player, projector, music system, etc.). Leave it all to Control4's single universal controller.


Personal digital assistant, voice control Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri

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