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Access control or access systems can be classified, configured and organized in many ways depending on the needs of pedestrian access systems.

Outsiders will not be allowed into the office, campus, and buildings, and only authorized persons will be allowed access, and double arrival and departure times can be recorded.

Solution for single house

An independent access system is an independent system that can manage 1 door, register and create user information, and cannot be monitored in the control center.

Solution for a campus

From the single door of your room to any door inside or outside the building, every entry can be tracked using facial recognition or card, code, or fingerprint readers. It also integrates with fire alarms and automation, so all doors can be set to open automatically in emergency situations.

Speed gate and Turnstiles

Users who can connect to the integrated system can use a single sign-on solution with face and card, registered users. Also, the pedestrian access system creates a record for each person and records and monitors the time of entry and exit of the registered user.

Face Recognition

Biometrics (fingerprints and facial recognition) will make it easy to manage by giving guests a one-time code and card without having to carry anything with them.

Installation Parts

Standard products can be installed in doors and exits suitable for installation conditions.

It includes:

  • Magnetic lock

  • Exit button

  • Feed block

  • Access card

Our team with many years of experience offers you solutions and installations suitable for all types of doors and conditions.

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