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Our company has been supplying Hikvision brand surveillance cameras and other security systems with official rights since 2015, professionally installing them, as well as providing high-quality post-installation service. Surveillance cameras of this brand are generally classified as follows according to their shape, purpose, and appearance.

Dome and bullet cameras

Dome or indoor and Bullet or outdoor cameras are the most commonly used. There are many variants of the most affordable prices and specifications. The cameras are high-resolution modern cameras with a variety of additional functions, 2/4/6/8/12 megapixel image resolution, suitable for different installations and all environments.

For example: Heat-sensing, cold-resistant, suitable for ultra-bright, ultra-dark environments, explosion-proof for harsh industrial conditions, etc.

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ColorVu camera

ColorVu is a brand name of Hikvision and is an ISP (Image Signal Processing) technology that produces sharp images and accurate colors in low light. It is equipped with the latest technology such as light and shadow balancer, 3D DNR for image enhancement, and H265+ for storing more data in less capacity. And advanced lenses and sensors to improve image quality; Resolution up to 4K Ultra HD; microphones for sound recording, smart functions such as motion detection and face detection, as well as cameras that can be controlled and controlled from a mobile phone.

PTZ camera

PTZ- Pan, Tilt, Zoom or pulling, horizontal and vertical movement are multifunctional cameras. Installing them alone or in combination with fixed, unidirectional cameras is the optimal solution. The indoor type is smaller and has a recording microphone, while the outdoor model is relatively large and has a correspondingly higher capacity. PTZ cameras can control large areas in 360* degrees in real-time mode. Lens options are 2.8mm-12mm. It is also possible to control the recording at a high level with Digital Zoom and Optic Zoom.


Special series camera


These cameras are based on modern  advanced technology and are designed to work in exceptional conditions.

For example, it has the functions of capturing high-quality images, face recognition, and heat sensing in any weather conditions, in extreme or low light conditions. Also, there are cameras that work smoothly even in fine dust, pressurized water, explosions and explosions, from cameras that can remember the location of objects in large stores and warehouses, count people, and produce the necessary numerical statistics and graphs based on their recordings.


NVR (Network Video Recorder)

It is a device with a special independent operating system that meets all the conditions for storing surveillance camera footage in digital form on the hard disk, managing and restoring the recorded footage, remote or mobile monitoring, and processing according to smart functions.

  • Manand vehicle detection

  • Face recognition

  • Detect objects and propertiesdefine and distinguish

  • Dynamic privacy mask

  • Count people

  • Parking management

  • Detect moving objects

  • Whether workers are wearing safety helmetsthedetection


Installation parts

The surveillance camera system not only prevents security and crime in time, but also reduces the above risks because you can view and inspect your surveillance camera from anywhere. We offer you high quality surveillance camera systems. The location of the control point can be selected depending on the lighting of the control environment, features, and the purpose of the control, and a combination of mobile and other types of directional cameras can be installed.

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