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Image by Henning Witzel

Implemented projects

Da Vinci Kids preschool

In 2022:

  • Outdoor and indoor surveillance camera system of Hikvision brand

  • Planet brand wireless intranet

  • Honeywell and Hikvision brand fire and intrusion detection systems.

Aurug Casa

In 2022, Hikvision brand surveillance camera system and Honeywell brand fire and intrusion detection system were installed in Aurug Casa store located in the center of the capital city.

The Peak Residences

In 2019, a paid parking system for car license plate recognition was installed in The Peak Residences, which has 100 parking spaces outside of a total of 41 households located in the central area of Zaisang.

Regis Place

In 2020-2022, we completed the complete installation of paid and resident parking and integrated payment systems for ZKTeco brand car license plates in the complex.