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Image by Henning Witzel

Implemented projects

River Plaza

In 2018-2023:

  • Control 4 brand home automation and intercom system

  • Hikvision indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras

  • DSPPA brand announcement system

  • Honeywell addressable fire alarm system

  • Honeywell fan valve automation system

  • Hikvision Pedestrian Gate Access System

  • Hikvision and Rosslare branded exterior parking access systems

  • Hikvision automatic garage door and license plate recognition access system

  • Knet brand FTTH fiber optic cable system

  • Completed the drawings and installation works of the exterior facade lighting of the Feelux brand.

CU Mongolia

With more than 30 years of experience in the field of convenience stores in South Korea, the owner of the CU brand and the leader in the industry, BG F Retail Company, signed a master franchise agreement and started the operation of the CU brand convenience store in Mongolia, which operates with more than 140 retail and service branches. In 2020-2023, we will:

  • A total of 14 Hikvision surveillance camera systems in 7 locations

  • Installation of fiber optic cable infrastructure was completed.

Gerlug Vista

In 2021, we completed the lighting design and planning in the complex campus. When developing a lighting solution, the purpose of the room, the number of people using it, the transition of movement, personal interests, lifestyle, and the objects and materials to be placed are carefully calculated. After that, the lighting calculation will select the appropriate lights by planning the lighting level, the amount of light, the location of the lights, the color, the power of the light, and the direction. It also plans ignition modes that coordinate with the automation system.

Garden City

In 2018-2023:

  • Honeywell addressable fire alarm system

  • Hikvision surveillance camera

  • DSPPA brand announcement system

  • Hikvision and Rosslare branded car access systems

  • Hikvision intercom system

  • Completed the construction and installation of Knet and ZTT brand fiber optic cable infrastructure.