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Image by Henning Witzel

Implemented projects

New choice store

The new selection store sells the products of more than 20 factories and companies that determine the development of international furniture fashion in Mongolia with official rights. In 2019, we completed the complete installation of the paid parking system of the ZKTeco brand license plate recognition in the store.

Bayangol Hotel

Bayangol Hotel has a 4-star rating and serves mainly business class guests and tourists. In 2019, ZKTeco car license plate recognition and paid parking system were fully installed in the hotel.

BRB Agency

In 2019, BRB Agency, which assembles event stages and equipment, completed the Soyal brand access system and Hikvision brand outdoor and indoor surveillance camera systems at the office level.

River Center

In 2017:

  • Hikvision Pedestrian Gate Access System

  • Indoor and outdoor surveillance camera systems of the Hikvision brand were completed.