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Microduct fiber optic cable installation was completed in Casa Da Vinci campus.

The Casa Da Vinci town implemented by NCD GROUP has successfully completed the installation of communication fiber optic cables using Microduct technology outside the first phase of the 144-family house town.

In 2015, our company first introduced the Microduct (fiber optic microduct ducting) technology to the communications industry. As a result, the representatives of the professional organizations of the industry understood the advantages of the technology and supported our initiative by developing and approving the MNS 6589: 2016 standard.

Our Microdact microtubule cannulation system:

- It is suitable for installation and use in the access network of all types of buildings, such as buildings, residential towns, offices, commercial services, and industries,

- Very flexible: In addition to the Internet and Triple services, the network of other systems used in buildings can be planned together.

G: surveillance cameras, access systems, parking systems, integrated control of fire and theft alarms, smart homes, intercoms, CHP communication, building management systems, etc.

- It is an advanced technology that is cost-effective (greatly saves the number of wells) compared to traditional well channeling.

We will soon introduce you to the advantages of our Microdact system in a series of content.

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to the team of NCD GROUP, our dear client, who understood the advantages of our solution and chose us for the project!

First ever Microduct project in Mongolia. Huge thanks to those who've contributed greatly to making it possible!


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