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We offer an integrated control system that can control lighting in multiple modes according to concept design and calculation, and this system can work in cooperation with all other building automation solutions.

Integrated lighting management has many advantages:

  • Easily create, manage and control the environment you want by making certain light modes

  • Energy saving (work reduction) by automatically adjusting lighting brightness and on/off time according to the activities of the place and the time of day.

  • Adjusting street lighting to automatically turn on and off when sensing natural light provides safety and saves money

  • Building facade lighting can also be turned on in harmony with natural light and illuminated in pre-planned modes (moving lights, alternating colors, fades, etc.) to create a building brand that is easily recognized by the public.

  • In places like hospitals, offices, and schools, natural light combined with artificial light has a positive effect on mood, health, and creativity.

  • Change the mood of the room by adjusting the color of the light

  • Use natural light that does not adversely affect the user's vision

  • Automatically turn off unused lights

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